2020 SERIES:

Black Joy x Entrepreneurship Hosted by Gabrielle Pickens

There is an undeniable shift happening in the minds of the masses across the world. The momentum in which the universe has turned on its axis has trickled down into our most public and private spaces. The secret of racism is out and there is a shift in power that has never quite revealed itself in this way on earth---and we are taking full-court advantage of this moment in time in the best way we know how---creatively.


Hustlecraft has partnered with Gabrielle Pickens of Pickens Creative to produce our 2020 series on Black Joy + Entrepreneurship. We will tell the beautiful and jubilant stories of Black women via the lens of entrepreneurship. Our mission is to remind us that we are so much more than the defeats and trauma, and we must continue to relish in joy, victories, and unbelievable success. It is, in fact, an act of radical self-love and protest.

Gabrielle Pickens

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A huge part of HustleCraft’s programming is its speaker series: HustleChats. Because of current social distancing rules, we will not be hosting our event until things are in the clear, but we will be chatting with local designers, craftspeople, movers, shakers and/or business leaders virtually. With many hustlers in uncharted territory, we are inviting open dialogue about personal experiences in hopes of opening the door to new ideas. 



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See the strategies that drive today’s biggest brands.


The digital landscape is moving at a lightning fast pace. Every industry has been affected by the advances in digital—from retail to brands and agencies.


This class will cover the fundamentals of digital marketing, and introduce you to the key channels, concepts and metrics. Learn the available marketing platforms and tactics for tracking and optimizing campaigns, grasp online marketing basics, and get your head around the technical jargon to determine how and where your business fits into the digital world.



Alexandria Ott

As Founder + CEO of Chrome City, a multi-disciplinary creative agency with offices in Chicago and San Diego, Alex has worked with hundreds of small business owners across the country, helping them to grow, thrive and take their businesses to the next level. Born + Raised in Coronado, she hustled in Chicago for almost a decade before returning home with a burning drive to lift the voices of the city's most aggressive + progressive creatives. Above all else, she knows how to make shit happen.

Kira Jones

From freelancing for creative brands around San Diego + LA (including Chrome City California) to owning her own wellness business, Cacti Wellness, Kira constantly immerses herself in all things content and culture. She has a background in Sales, Digital Marketing, and Social Media and is passionate about bringing creative hustlers together for an opportunity to connect and share their work with like-minded people. 

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