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There is an undeniable shift happening in the minds of the masses across the world. The momentum in which the universe has turned on its axis has trickled down into our most public and private spaces. The secret of racism is out and there is a shift in power that has never quite revealed itself in this way on earth---and we are taking full-court advantage of this moment in time in the best way we know how---creatively.


Hustlecraft has partnered with Gabrielle Pickens of Pickens Creative to produce our 2020 series on Black Joy + Entrepreneurship. We will tell the beautiful and jubilant stories of Black women via the lens of entrepreneurship. Our mission is to remind us that we are so much more than the defeats and trauma, and we must continue to relish in joy, victories, and unbelievable success. It is, in fact, an act of radical self-love and protest.


Gabrielle Pickens

Episode 1: 

Christina Fontenelle of Fontenelle Art , LLC

Episode 2: 

Jessica Gillespie

Episode 3: 

Candice Nicole 

Episode 4: 

Anayo Awuzie

Episode 5: 

Portia King

Episode 6: 

Farissa Knox

Episode 7: 

Martie Bowser

Episode 8: 

Taylar Barrington-Booker