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Olakemi of Melanated Momma

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2021 SERIES:

The Pivot

 Hosted by Alexandria Ott

2020 redefined the way we hustle and do business. As we emerge in 2021, Hustlecraft’s latest digital interview series, THE PIVOT, will offer valuable insights from some of our favorite creatives and business owners. We will discuss what the new working model looks like and how these diverse creatives evolved their hustle last year.


THE PIVOT will uncover fresh ways of thinking with these special guests whose experiences in 2020 include: losing it all, doubling their revenue, releasing a book, forming multiple side hustles to survive, launching activism-inspired products + services and more.


Led by Hustlecraft founder, Alexandria Ott, THE PIVOT will inspire you to reframe your outlook + approach to how you can evolve your brand, your mission and more importantly, yourself.

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Scout Sobel (@scoutsobel) is the founder of Scout's Agency (@scoutsagency), co-host of the popular Okay Sis Podcast (@okaysispodcast), and the host of SCOUT Podcast. She is a trailblazer in the media industry for utilizing podcasts as a powerful form of PR. After starting Okay Sis, which focuses on female guests, Scout fell in love with spreading women's stories and identified the rising popularity and influence of podcasting. She started Scout’s Agency with an emphasis in podcast PR for women entrepreneurs, podcasters, and brands.


Scout has also lived with bipolar disorder for the last 15 years. She was once unable to function in society but after finding entrepreneurship and taking radical responsibility over her emotions, she is now able to live a life of purpose. Her debut book, The Emotional Entrepreneur, launches August 16, 2021 and provides the mindset and emotional tools she learned from managing her mental illness that have helped her succeed in business.

Erwin Hines is an artist, designer, and creative director. Throughout his career, he has focused on doing work that fosters empathy and inclusivity across all disciplines. He uses design to examine and reflect tensions within the current cultural landscape.


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Everything at New Frontier begins and ends with David. From the Vision, to the Brand, to Architectural Design, Interior Design, Decoration/Staging, and the execution of it all in the Build, it all starts in his head and doesn't come to life without him driving it every step of the way. Design is his first love, but he is deeply passionate about all the different components of New Frontier and is obsessed with uncompromising quality and perfection.


The philosophy behind the tiny house movement (desperately needed Affordable Housing, making great quality design and craftsmanship attainable to many people, intentional living, community, etc.) drew him in and inspired him to devote his working hours to furthering its cause. David has chosen to translate that philosophy and his own into New Frontier Tiny Homes.